One, Two, and Three Day, In-Plant, Basic Hydraulics Classes
      Individual Interactive Online Instruction & Consulting

Participants are actively involved throughout the class.


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The Basic Hydraulics Course is Tailored to each Class

A variety of tools are used to help explain and illustrate the course content. Those tools include computerized animation, graphics, and several other types of learning aids.

While a computer and projector are used to help explain the course material, this is not a "Powerpoint" presentation - we involve class members in the training and then adjust the course to directly address many of the situations, problems, and concerns that might be mentioned.

While every class thoroughly covers the course material, the presentation of the material is modified for each class to make it extremely relevant to the individuals in the class.

Different examples are used for a Basic Hydraulics course taught to maintenance personnel at an automotive plant than are used for a course taught to maintenance personnel at a shop that works with mobile equipment. And, while a course taught to engineers at a sealant manufacturer would thoroughly cover the same core material as both of those courses, the examples used to illustrate the material would have an entirely different emphasis.

Bottom line? We make the course material relevant to your personnel.

The Next Step

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