One, Two, and Three Day, In-Plant, Basic Hydraulics Classes
      Individual Interactive Online Instruction & Consulting

Reduce downtime by extending hydraulic component life
and troubleshooting hydraulic problems faster.


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Rob Fish

Rob helps companies reduce hydraulic related downtime by teaching how to make hydraulic components run longer, providing a clear understanding of how hydraulics work, and helping class members do a better job of operating, maintaining, and troubleshooting hydraulic equipment.

Rob earned the "Fluid Power Specialist" certification in 1987, designed hydraulic circuitry featured in "Hydraulics & Pneumatics" magazine, and has many years of "hands on" experience with a wide range of hydraulic equipment.

Rob teaches in an interesting, easy-to-understand, interactive style that keeps class participants interested and involved.


The "Comments from Participants" displayed on each page of the web site were written by maintenance personnel, machine operators, and supervisors who took the course. As you can see from the comments, individuals taking the course find it interesting, informative, and filled with information they can use. It isn't at all unusual to hear a class participant say "I wish I'd known this last week!"


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