A One-Day, In-Plant, Basic Hydraulics Class

Keep your hydraulic equipment running longer
and troubleshoot hydraulic problems faster.


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Basic Hydraulics Training that helps Downsize your Downtime

Looking for an affordable one-day Basic Hydraulics class to help your personnel do a better job of operating, maintaining and troubleshooting your hydraulic equipment?

This is it.

The Basic Hydraulics course gives your personnel the hydraulic training they need to keep your hydraulic equipment operating longer and also troubleshoot your hydraulic problems faster. As an added bonus, everyone in the class learns to read hydraulic schematics. This one-day, in-plant class will help you downsize your hydraulic downtime.

The Customized Basic Hydraulics course goes one step further. As your personnel learn to read a hydraulic schematic and see how hydraulic components work together, the Customized Basic Hydraulics course uses your hydraulic schematic and we focus on your hydraulic circuit.

Do You Need the Basic Hydraulics Course?

Here's a five question quiz to help you decide if your company needs this course. Please Note: the only question you really need to get right is #5.

1) What is the #1 cause of hydraulic component failures?

2) Identify the nine components shown in this circuit and describe the function of each one:

Basic hydraulics training schematic

3) With the pump's compensator set at 1,000 psi, the cylinder extends in 4 seconds at a system pressure of 700 psi. If you increase the pump compensator's setting to 1,400 psi, how long will it take the cylinder to extend?

4) If the system shown in the drawing is overheating, what is the most likely cause, and how do you fix it?

5) Can all of your maintenance personnel and machine operators correctly answer questions one through four?

If you can't answer "yes" to question number 5, please contact us to discuss scheduling either a one day "Basic Hydraulics" course or a one day "Customized Basic Hydraulics" course for your company.


Who Should Attend?

Maintenance Personnel

Equipment Operators

Purchasing Personnel

Plant Supervisors

Anyone who sells equipment that uses hydraulics.

Quiz Answers

Please Click Here if you're looking for the answers to the questions on the quiz.

The Next Step

Contact Rob Fish at 614-889-5222 or by email ( rob@cCreations.com ) to schedule a class, request more information, or discuss a customized Basic Hydraulics class.


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