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How much would you save by preventing just one
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Basic Hydraulics Courses

One Day, In-Plant Basic Hydraulics

The one day Basic Hydraulics class might be considered a "hydraulic boot camp." By the end of the class, participants clearly understand the #1 cause of hydraulic component failure and know 3 ways to reduce hydraulic-related downtime.

The class explains what hydraulics are, why hydraulics are used, and how hydraulics operate. Participants learn about different kinds of hydraulic pumps, motors, valves, cylinders, and accessories, and are introduced to schematic symbols for all of those components.

Class members learn how basic hydraulic circuits operate, including variable volume, pressure compensated, and log splitter circuits. Information about maintenance and safety is an integral part of the class.

The primary goal of this class is to reduce hydraulic related downtime by increasing the life of hydraulic components. The course also helps reduce downtime by giving participants an understanding of how hydraulics work that is focused on doing a faster and better job of troubleshooting hydraulic problems.

The standard version of this class is $3,750 for the day, with up to 12 participants in the class.

We offer a customized version of the class, which integrates one or two of your hydraulic schematics into the course material. As class members learn about reading hydraulic schematics, they work with your schematic. The customized version of this class is $4,550 for the day, with up to 12 participants in the class.

Two Day, In-Plant Basic Hydraulics

The two day Basic Hydraulics class is a more in-depth look at basic hydraulics, covering all of the material in the one day class, plus providing additional emphasis on how various kinds of hydraulic components work, ways to improve the efficiency of your hydraulics, and how to work with hydraulic schematics and circuits.

The two day class is an excellent resource for maintenance personnel and others involved in troubleshooting hydraulic equipment, and those involved in maintaining or improving the efficiency and effectiveness of hydraulic systems.

The standard version of the two day class is $6,150 for the two days, with up to 12 participants in the class.

The customized version of the two day class is $7,150 for the two days, with up to 12 participants in the class.

Three Day, In-Plant Basic Hydraulics

The three day Basic Hydraulics class is a customized class designed to help students master the hydraulics in your hydraulic system. This course covers all of the material in the one and two day classes and then focuses on an in-depth examination of your hydraulic schematic.

The three day class is $7,650 for the three days, with up to 12 participants in the class..

The customized version of the three day class is $8,150 for the three days, with up to 12 participants in the class.

Class Location & Travel Expenses

The one day, two day, and three day in-plant classes are each taught at your facility. Travel charges are based on current airfare and lodging rates. There are no travel charges for classes conducted within 60 miles of Chicago, Illinois.

Start time and end time are determined by your schedule and needs. Weekend classes are available at no additional charge.

Individual Interactive Online Instruction & Consulting

The one day Basic Hydraulics course material is available through an online video conference. Your computer connects two ours via the Internet and we chat via Skype as we cover the course material. This is an interactive one-on-one situation, with you having the ability to ask questions at any time in a set-up that allows you to write on our computer screen as we work through hydraulic circuits.

The interactive online version of the course is typically done in hour-long sessions, and takes 7 hours to complete. We suggest doing no more than 2 sessions per day.

The 7 hour online version of the Basic Hydraulics course is $315.

Online consulting or additional online training is $55 an hour.

Potential Payback

During a course in Decatur, Illinois, a student mentioned their company was scrapping and replacing a servo valve on one of their machines every 6 to 8 weeks. Between the cost of replacing the servo valve and downtime, the servo valve problem was costing the company over $36,000 a year.

Using information from the course, the company invested a bit over $3,000 in modifications to the machine, and then went over 3 years without a servo valve failure. Savings in the first three years after the modification: $105,775.

Your savings may not be this dramatic, but if you're like many of our customers, you'll see a quick payback on your investment in the Basic Hydraulics course.

Basic Hydraulics Course comments

My Favorite Testimonial

At the end of one course, the manager who hired me shook my hand and said "I had no idea my boss was going to sit in on the entire course. Thanks for making me look good."

My Other Favorite Testimonial

The Maintenance Supervisor at a quarry told me "If more of our training was like this, we'd do more training.

My Other Favorite Testimonial (yeah... I know - this makes 3 "favorite" testimonials)

We received an evaluation form from a mechanic that included the question "Do you teach any other subjects?"

The Next Step

Please contact Rob Fish at 614-214-7261 or via Email ( ) to discuss scheduling a Basic Hydraulics course at your facility.


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